Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dinner for Rob

Just some pictures of a special dinner I made for Rob and I last night...

poached quail eggs, new potatoes, creme fraiche and salmon roe
final product was actually garnished with watercress from our patio garden instead of chives

The greens from our garden that later became a salad course.

Chilled pea soup with mint and lemon
I used fresh peas from my garden to add texture and the mint was also growing just outside our window.

Stellars Jay Brut with raspberries ~ the first of many wines we drank

Foie gras ~ One of Rob's special requests

Ravioli with a truffle white wine butter sauce
The ravioli are stuffed with duck confit, sage from our garden, truffle and chanterelle mushrooms. Garnished with mini chantrelles and crispy duck skin.

Duck breast with new potatoes and wilted swiss chard from our garden

creme brulee, another of Rob's requests

cheese plate

the aftermath

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fresh from the garden

I have been busy with my little patio garden and tonight we enjoyed some of the "fruits" of our labour. I made fresh pasta with some pesto, feta, tomatoes and some of the purple peas from our garden.

I suspect the peas are more of a shucking pea, but it was fun to eat the first ones like this. The downside to the purple peas? They share their colour with whatever they touch after they have been blanched. Case in point: my fingers.