Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 - a whole lot of stuff happened

2010 started with a bang - the Olympic Games came to Vancouver. For me, it passed in a blur of Russian, stress, phone glued to my ear, more Russians and some hockey. I worked at Sochi house and things were never dull around there.

My little sister got married in June and crazy person that I am, I offered to cater her wedding. Rob and my parents helped out with the food and the rest of the Olson family present at the wedding were a huge help with setting up tables etc. I think that they had a great time. Yes, I am wearing a chefs jacket and two aprons over my formal dress!

I had some free time after that, so I decided to take a little trip to Seattle. I ate great food and visited the SciFi Museum/EMP. I took the train home and I can't recommend it enough - the most beautiful scenery ever.

Of course, the highlight of this year came for me in August. Rob and I went to Vegas for our 10th anniversary and while there, we made it official. Yeah, we got married. It was so fun and so easy. We stayed at the Venetian and the concierge arranged everything for us.

Looking forward to 2011 and excited for what the New Year will bring. My sister is expecting a baby and we have Montreal and Newfoundland on the books....