Monday, December 29, 2008

Cheap and Easy

Money seems to be on everyone's minds these days and things are no different in our house. Less hours for me as catering enters the slow season means that I am trying to be a little more budget aware. Yesterday's dinner fit the bill. All I had to do was raid the freezer for my homemade yam gnocchi, some pork chops and sweet peas. I pounded the pork chops out, seasoned with salt and nutmeg, dredged in egg and then breadcrumbs, and fried in olive oil.
The yam gnocchi were blanched in a pot of boiling salted water. Once the pork was cooked, I tossed the gnocchi into the skillet, sauteed til crispy, then added half a bag of peas, a splash of Zinfandel and a grating of nutmeg. Easy. Cheap. And you know what? It also tasted good.


Mindy said...

If I make it back to YVR in 2009 (or 2010 if life gets in the way), can I PLEASE come over for some yam gnocchi? Pretty please? I'll buy the ingredients at Granville Island and you can cook while I spend time with Aggie. :)

linda said...

Of course! I'll even through in a whole meal, not just the gnocchi!

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
That sounds good and looks good! Let's see...I have vegie choplets and the peas and some leftover yams from Christmas dinner. Will that qualify? Talked to Michelle last night. Do you want to meet us together or do separate times? Grandpa is talking about seeing a couple other couples too...not sure when he'll fit in the PAMEA...HaHa. It would be fun to all be together for once. And I also like one on one times too. So you choose. See you next month!
Lovingly yours,

Nerissa said...

Happy New Year, Linda. Hope you have a wonderful 2009!

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