Thursday, October 15, 2009

English Style Breakfast

English style breakfasts are usually found in B&BS. This isn't everyday fare, this is I don't plan on eating for 8hrs kind of breakfasts. I posted about the one that we enjoyed on our recent trip to England.
Today, disheartened by the sad offerings of our farmer's market, I was wandering around Granville Island trying to decide what to make Rob and I for breakfast. I bought a few Pine mushrooms on a whim and that is when I decided to go full english. With a Linda twist of course..

Free range eggs sunny side up, Gammon bacon from Oyama Sausage, homemade baked Rancho Gordo beans, fried heirloom tomato from my garden and sauteed pine mushrooms. The kind of breakfast I would serve in my fantasy B&B.

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