Friday, November 17, 2006

Salmon with Artichokes

I get a lot of inspiration from Passionate Nonchalance and this salmon dinner was no exception. Simply follow her recipe and you will have a flavourful and interesting salmon dish. I matched it up with a creme fraiche smashed potato concoction and a basic salad.

Life has been busy, hence the MIA. I really wanted to take part in SHF this weekend, but Rob at all of my truffles and I never got a picture..
I also have been fretting over my CBBP package; is it there yet??


Brilynn said...

Linda, thank you sooo much for the package! It actually arrived last Friday but I've been away all week and only got it tonight. I've been impatient all week about finally getting to see what's inside. You've also solved my problem of what kind of truffles to make for SHF, I will definitely be trying the recipe you sent me. Again, thanks a million!!

Anonymous said...

Creme fraiche smashed potato concotion eh? You know, I think that would be an amazing addition to my next salmon dish. I'm off to see PN. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)

wheresmymind said...

Interesting concept...looks great

Anonymous said...

linda, how could i have missed this! oh happy you liked it ((big grin))
mmm the creme fraiche potatos sound excellent, yum!!! thanks so much for making this :):)