Sunday, June 10, 2007

Delfino Vineyards B&B


Back from Oregon and the most amazing B&B I have ever stayed in; Delfino Vineyards. Rob and I stayed two nights in the guest cottage here and did not want to leave!. As we pulled up the drive, I felt a wave relaxation pour over me. The cottage was spacious (bigger than our place) but cozy and homey with all sorts of little details that made it special. A bottle of wine was waiting for us when we arrived, along with the sweet and generous innkeeper Terri and four very friendly dogs. We poured a glass and then wandered down the hill past the vegetable gardens and the chickens to the pond. Rob took me for a canoe around the pond before we headed out to dinner and when we came back, we brought worms and I caught my first ever fish (and released it too). After the first fish, I just fed worms to them ~ I couldn't deal with the whole hook thing. Much later, we got in the hot tub with our glasses of wine and stared up at the stars.
The first morning, we had to leave very early, so Terri dropped off Fresh Blueberry Muffins the night before, along with some bread, butter, milk, strawberries (local) and eggs from their chickens and Rob and I made ourselves a breakfast. The second morning, we had breakfast delivered ~ fresh cut fruit and warm delicious dried cranberry scones (I can smell them still). After That amazing breakfast, we took a short hike through oak trees to high wild rose meadow and on to the vineyards. When we finally said goodbye to Terri and Jim and took off for Portland, I did not want to leave.
I will be back, but in the meantime, I hope that if anyone is heading that way, they look this place up; a true gem and worth every penny and more.


Unknown said...

Ahh isn't it beautiful.. I'd be completely jealous if I didn't live in Eugene, Oregon. The weather is gorgeous right now. I'd LOVE to stay at that B&B! One day..

Anonymous said...

Linda, this looks so beautiful! I'm glad to hear you guys had such a great time. Nice photos, too.

Erika W. said...

I'm so glad you opted for the B&B. Sounds like it was wonderful, and a nice bit of peace and quiet for you.

Aimée said...

Wow, what a spot! It sounds like they took good care of you.
Beautiful photos...

Anonymous said...

Hi you two.
Sounds and looks awesome. I'll have to check that out. Meanwhile, a trip to Revelstoke and then to SLC to see the new grandson. We're happy to see you are having such a wonderful summer. Welcome back. It's wonderful to have grandpa back from Yellowknife, too. W O N D E R F U L ! It's such a long way away.
Love and hugs,