Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunday Dinner

Rob was curious about Rabbit ~ having never eaten it, so he brought one home from work. I used a recipe from Bones for Herb-Roasted Stuffed Rabbit and served it with couscous and Carrots glazed with bay, orange and honey.

The Verdict? He thinks its tasty but totally not worth the 30 dollars/rabbit they charge at his work.
I made a fantastic rabbit dish way back in culinary school, but despite my best efforts searching through the archives, I cannot find it ~ I think it was the day I forgot to bring my camera to class... It was a fun stroll down memory lane though!


Brilynn said...

I haven't had rabbit in ages! My Dad used to hunt more often and we'd have rabbit stew.

Michelle said...

I haven't had rabbit since I was a kid either, and we'd have it in stew like brilynn - this looks much more sophisticated! And btw - very nice presentation! I hope your motivation and inspiration are taking baby steps along (I'm having the same problem...). A hug from Oregon (too bad I didn't know you were going to Portland earlier...)