Friday, November 14, 2008


What is it? One of the best pork products yet! I picked it up from Oyama on Granville Island ~ I just cannot resist fatty hunks of pork and since my recent cholesterol test was mindblowingly good (the doctor laughed in surprise at the results), I figure I can give in to the occasional pork whim.
I googled guanciale before I went to write this post. I stumbled across a website called FXcuisine which discussed the magic of the pig jowl along with how difficult it is to find outside of Italy Now I feel really lucky!
Basically, Guanciale is a cure pigs cheek. It isn't smoked and the flavour is pretty incredible and porky. I have already explored several different uses. One was slicing it like bacon and serving with eggs sunnyside up for a lazy Sunday breakfast.


Abby said...

I was just talking to someone last night about pig cheeks! They told me they'd seen them at a farmers market out West. Sounded icky at first, but your picture makes it look yummy!

utenzi said...

I've never prepared pig cheeks either. I did learn just the other day that it's very important to cook bacon thoroughly. I was in a hurry and added some partially cooked bacon to a salad--talk about "chewy".

Anonymous said...

Greetings to Linda and Rob,
....You make all the food sound so good. Well, most of it.
We're fixing grilling steaks for dinner tomorrow - for four. Any suggestions? I just planned to put meat magic on and grill seasoning and a bit of bbq sauce brushed on. Doing them in the skillet (our new one) in the sunroom. Scalloped potatoes with boiled egg slices and onions in a creamy sauce. Peas with sweet pickled onions (Does that work?) A vegetable tray with celery, carrots, tomatoes slices, olives.
Whole wheat dinner rolls and butter. Grandpa made a sauce of vanilla pudding mix, pina colada mix, and crushed pineapple with a bit of corn syrup for consistency. It will be a topping for vanilla ice cream with coconut on top. These people are heading to Mexico for two months, so we thought maybe that would get them tuned up. We've also got Martinelli's white grape juice. And a pedestal plate with fancy chocolates on it.
We hope you are having a great weekend. The room is confirmed and the space in the meeting is paid for. Grandpa insists on driving so I'll call about a car this week.
Love to all - even Aggie
G & G