Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is a brief overview of our meal at Lumiere. It is not an official review, but you should know that the meal did not disappoint. Okay, that is an understatement. The meal was phenomenal. I am still waiting on a confirmation of the actual wine pairings.

Tomato Amuse Bouche
tomato vol au vent, tomato consomme and some sort of a cream cheese topped with roasted tomato gelee and Pine nuts

This was the amuse of the night and each miniature bite packed a serious flavour punch. There was no wine pairing with this and we were finishing off our refreshing Hemingway Daiquiris.

Dungeness Crab with Champagne Mango
Pickled Papaya, Piquillo Pepper Coulis, Coriander

Paired with a spanish or perhaps brazilian white.

Qualicum Bay Scallops
with cornmeal crust, fresh creamed corn, crispy okra and a chicken and scallop jus

I had this dish instead of the foie gras course as the foie had hazelnuts on it. The wine pairing was a pinot blanc, but I also had a glass of the riesling served with the foie and it made an excellent match with the dish. I LOVED this and I am no fan of cooked scallops.

Foie Gras Terrine
Napoleon of Plum and Hazelnut, House Cured Duck Pastrami

BC Spot Prawn and Pork Belly
With Heart of Palm, Pickled Ramps, Radish, Smoked Hen of the Wood

Paired with a chenin blanc I believe. (too much wine, my memory is so foggy).

Oh, look...

Yeah, that would explain why I can't remember the wine pairings so well...

Uni Crusted Halibut
Green and White Asparagus, Buddha Hand, Black Garlic

paired with an amazing viognier from California

Pea Ravioli with a Champagne "veloute"
Sugar Snaps, Oyster Mushrooms, Pearl Onion, Mint

This dish was had by two out of the four at our table, paired with a chenin blanc although it worked with the mystery viognier as well, I got to taste one of the ravioli and they just exploded in the mouth, with a very smooth filling and an intense fresh pea taste.
Sadly, the pictures are starting to suck at this point. I blame the lighting in the restaurant. Or maybe I should blame the wine.

Seared Duck Breast
Glazed with Hennessey XO and other good things, served with spinach, a warm cherry and daikon with a cherry sauce.

Paired with??

Quail with Lentils
Pureed and whole french lentils, cubes of foie

I think that is what this dish is. It wasn't one that I got, and I didn't even taste it because there were hazelnuts in it. And yes, the picture is really bad. I did warn you...

Pistachio Crusted Lamb
Chickpea Panisse, "Cannelloni" of Braised Shoulder, Bulgur, Apricot and Pistachio

Paired with something red from Chateauneuf de Pape. So good, the lamb was perfectly cooked, but the ravioli made my night.

Duo of Beef
Red Wine Braised Short Rib with Potato Fondant and Rosemary Soubise
Seared Rib Eye with Braised Romaine and Shallot

This was the alternative to the lamb course. It was paired with a red from the Tannat grape. Very punchy, but worked beautifully with the beef.

Cheese Course

paired with Madiera
Sadly, I can only remember a few of the cheeses. There was a Morbier and a chevre and a fabulous blue.

Summer Strawberry Pavlova
Lemon-scented Strawberries, Vanilla Cream, Pink Peppercorn Meringue

It was the perfect summer dessert with an unbelieveably delicate meringue. Paired with a sauterne

Opera Cake

The alternative to the pavlova. I think pavlovas won this course....

Chocolate Fondant

with Peanut Nougatine Ice cream

Pavlovas have been knocked off the podium in the dessert contest with this one. It was a warm chocolate cake that wasn't too sweet and made for a very happy match with the Graham's port that we were served.

A selection of dainty desserts that followed our meal. The finger is to give an idea of scale.

After all that eating and drinking, a certain member of our group decided the party wasn't over and asked for some more beverages. We successfully polished off a bottle of Canados, a BC made apple brandy.
And then the aforementioned member of our group ordered one more drink for the night.
So we also polished off a bottle of the Blue Mountain Brut.
Five hours after we started, we rolled (or poured) ourselves into cab. What an amazing meal.


Christine said...

Oh my god, that all looks so amazing! Wow.

jasmine said...

dThat looks like a fabulous meal! Lumiere is one of those restaurants that's on my "I must go to" list if I get anywhere near that part of the world...