Thursday, October 08, 2009

Not food: art

Look at that, another 2 months with no blog post... I still cook, really I do! I just don't feel like writing about it all the time...

Today, I swung by the One of a Kind Show at the convention center. Its on till Sunday and full of, well, one of a kind things.
I stopped by the Hob Snobs booth and picked up 3 adorable cards by The Beautiful Project. I was also eyeing the laptop bags by Track and Field and was thrilled to hear that she makes netbook bags as well. I will be picking one of those up when I have a chance to make it to Cambie and 13th.

After that, I was drawn to the Luved Clothing booth, where I ended up purchasing the wrap hoodie (left) in a dark green. So warm cozy and comfortable. I decided after that I was cut off from purchasing, but that didn't stop me from ogling all the other wonderful objects/jewellery/art/fashion.
Check it out!


kickpleat said...

I'm seriously bummed that I missed you!! We'll have to meet one of these days soon.

Unknown said...

Absolutely! I must have just missed you, because I heard someone saying they had just seen you come in and you were early...

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
We hope you two are doing well. I know about Skype , but I don't want to disturb you when you are busy. But you could call me when you have time and I'll come down here to chat. I've fixed a lot of meals recently and it got the guys to where they are....the plane is together and at the airport. next step - the billing for 8 months. Ha! Let's talk soon.
Lots of love,