Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Goodbye Aggie

Aggie has been a constant presence on this blog over the years. Last Thursday, we unexpectedly had to say goodbye to our girl. I still cry thinking about it - purely for selfish reasons... I miss her so much. I wake up in the morning and realise she isn't crying for her breakfast. I come home from work and she isn't waiting by the door. I open the cheese and she doesn't come running. hoping for bits. You don't realise how much they are a presence in your life till they are gone.


Anonymous said...

Awww, ((((((((((Linda))))))))))! I know that this is really late but I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Auggie! I hope that the memories of the life and love that you have shared has begun to heal your heart. Many hugs and much love, my friend! Cheryl

Unknown said...

Thank you Cheryl. We miss her a lot but it has gotten easier. Xo