Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bacon Tomato and Cheese

Right, now that yesterday's little tantrum has passed, let's move right along...

I only eat tomato sandwhiches a few short months of the year. Why? Beacause I am a tomato snob and the only tomatoes that taste any good are the farmer's market ones. This was the first bacon and tomato sandwich of the season and it was well wolrth the wait.
I also wanted to point out that the lovely chiffonade of basil on a tomato salad earlier came not from my knife but Rob's; he was very proud of it.

Now, onto what I tried to post yesterday. Nerissa tapped me for a short meme and I am only no getting around to it ~ Confessions in Fives

Five things in my freezer;
homemade sausage
chicken stock
strawberries (15lbs)
legs and thighs from free range chickens (I buy them whole and cut them up myself)

Five things in my closet (I'll use the hall closet)

Five things in our car
more tools
camp chairs
shopping baskets

Five Things in my purse;
old bus transfers
altoid mango sours

Five people I would like to tag; no pressure!
C is For Cooking
Tales from a Veggie Kitchen
The Food Ninja
Mangoes Verdes
Champaign Taste


Lisa said...

Linda: Fun! Thanks a million for including me. I want to do this meme thing right away! But as I am now at work, I'll have to wait till this evening, or even tomorrow a.m. if I drink too much wine with the grilled lemon chicken tonight. ;)

Oh -- and that sandwich looks delish. I can't believe I haven't made a tomato sandwich yet. Well, to be fair, the tomatoes at my farmer's market only just started coming in. ~Lisa

wheresmymind said...

I know I have sexay legs and whatnot, but I don't carry a purse * pout* substitute suggestions?

linda said...

Backpack? Pockets? But don't you know they have man purses now?

Lisa, have fun with it.

sher said...

Yummm! That sandwich looks so good. I too am a tomato snob--but it makes sense to me. Until they're able to sell vine ripened tomatoes year round--I'll wait for those months in the summer when I can get them to stuff my face with real tomato sandwiches.

michelle said...

Here, here! Another tomato snob! A woman after my own heart... LOVE the sandwich!

AzureLynn said...

Hey Linda -- am concerned/worried too about Clare. Keep checking in on her site too. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great evening.

helios said...

Okay Linda,

I accepted your challenge!

Nerissa said...

bonjour from France! I liked reading your version of the 5 meme. You sure can tell a lot about people by what they put in or what they seem to leave out *g*

oh god, I'm going to sound like a hick here but don't they sell vine ripened tomatoes in the supermarkets year round now? Or are they just not the same? In the village I consider myself lucky if they are a red colour past just pale pink most times.

Catesa said...

ooooo my tasty sandwich!!