Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 5 ~ New Haven

Oatmeal for breakfast; all that pork belly was starting to catch up with me! A crazy early morning taxi ride uptown to Grand Central Station and I was on the train to New Haven. The ride was an agonizing two hours trapped next to couple alternating between irrational fights and makeout sessions, compounded by the fact that I had coffee, juice and a grande latte before I boarded the train. And had no idea that there were bathrooms onboard. I was so happy to arrive at New Haven and see Kathryn and her gorgeous son Henry. We dropped Henry at home and then headed to a local farmers market. I scored a necklace from a local artisan and we picked up some veggies from one of the stalls for dinner.

From there, we went in search of lunch ~ a lobster roll

This was my first time eating one of these and I take back what I have said about not liking lobster in the past. So decadent and sweet. THis particular roll was just lobster meat drizzled with hot butter...
After lunch, we lounged for awhile before heading out for a little tour of Yale. I am a sucker for old buildings, so I really enjoyed wandering around the campus. Especially when Kathryn pointed out all the filming locations for Indiana Jones....

I took so many pictures of Yale ~ they are all up on flickr.

After Yale, we headed back to Kathryn's and made a wonderful dinner of grilled salmon and farmers market veggies, enjoyed al fresco. It was such a wonderful, relaxing day and such a nice contrast to the craziness of the city....


Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
So happy to hear about your fun trip. We're looking forward to some personal tidbits as well. How long were you gone? It seems forever since we talked. Same with Michelle. Did they move or drop off the face of the earth?
Not much new here. Reading lots of books and being lazy when we aren't cleaning out under the deck. Hallelujah!
Take care.
Much love,
G & G

Mindy said...

I was wondering if you made it to CT. Glad you had a fun trip. Start saving so you can come visit me in Chicago in two years, okay? You can always come visit me in Alpharetta, too, but it's really not worth the travel time or the money (trust me on this). :)