Sunday, July 23, 2006

Richmond Night Market

Our tour was presented by Barabara Jo's and guided by Nathan Fong. We met at the shop, sipped a gingertini and then all piled in the car for the ride out to Richmond. Nathan informed us that the uncharacteristically hot weather was perfect "like Singapore without the humnidity". Once we arrived at the market, Nathan and Barbara Jo took us on one circuit of the food section of the market, explaining different foods and purchasin a sample or two for us.

Our first sample were periwinkles. They were spicy, sweet and cartilaginous. I had several

The selection was almost overwhelming, stall after stall of street food; choosing which to try was the hardest part.

Our second sample was Dragon's Beard Candy, which has the oddest texture ~ like cotton candy, but the individual threads are more resilient, almost hairlike.

Finally, we were let loose with the instructions to meet up at the car at 9:30. I headed straight to the Duck wrap, a spring roll like wrap filled with shredded duck and fried till crspy hot. I could have eaten several. Rachel went with a noodle dish, one of the few vegetarian options.

Next stop and I wanted to choose something that Rachel could share with me. The gentleman running this Korean stall was very friendly and sympathetic to Rachel's predicament, offering up several veg options. I picked the rice sticks, which were like sticky rice french fries with a sweetly spiced sauce.

I had promised to bring something back for Rob. The mini sausages onna stick (get em while they're hot)looked perfect.

Time for a sweet break, a waffle with red bean paste filling. Dee-lish.

We were starting to feel the full at this point, but didn't want to stop. A nice bowl of sticky rice, Rachel digging around the sausage on the top to get to the mushroomy rice, oh it was good.

sticky riceSeeking refreshment, I headed for bubble tea and ordered a rosehoney tea with coconut gelee. Way too sweet, but I kept drinking it because I wanted the addictive coconut chunks at the bottom.

With that last sweet note I was done and the crowds were starting to get to me. I stopped to admire the scenery as Rachel waded back in to get her drink (dragonfruit sluushie)

Stopping onlt pick up up a package of Chinese sausage, we stumbled back to the car.

Back at the shop, a fortifying ginger tea and I was ready to take the plunge an dby the Zuni Cafe book. I love Barbara Jos.


Lisa said...

Yikes, I wish we had a market like that around here! How fun. And I now want bubble tea. Guess I'll have to settle for a neon-pink Jarritos guava soda.

wheresmymind said...

The Periwinkles out here are so damn small they always look like more effort than what they are worth :)

Deetsa said...

oh my god... it's my turn to be jealous. That all sounds amazing. I hesitate over the periwinkes though. Had a bad experience of them in France four years ago.

kickpleat said...

last night i strolled around the vancouver chinatown market since it's only a few blocks from my house. i'm eager to visit the richmond one tho! looks like fun!

Sara said...

wow, what a great market. wish we had stuff like that here.

Anonymous said...

wow! that looks like so much fine. I wish there would be something like this here in Chicago. all we got are restaurants, and 3/4 of them are crappy :/