Monday, August 07, 2006


Only three courses in and I am already losing track of the wine pairings! prior to the 3rd course, a glass of rose arrived at our table and an optional utensil; a set of steel chopsticks. We had fun trying to guess what we were going to be getting next. Rob called meat and he wasn't really wrong as I have always been taught to treat salmon like red meat

A succulent piece of salmon (poached perhaps, it just melted in the mouth) perched over a screen from which pine fumes wafted. Then the waiters simultaneously topped up the bowls with an evergreen broth. Under the piece of salmon were a few sauteed chantrelle mushrooms; the whole dish screamed West Coast to me.

Next course was preceded with a glass of Sancerre and a non-optional utensil; a pair of pinchers. No amount of guessing got us close to the target ~ a virtual smoked scallop brushed with matcha.

The presentation was so darn cool and I actually forgot my aversion to the scallop! The cedar smoke wafting out of the glass funnel made me think of campfires.

The course Rob had been waiting for and his favourite hands down (a quote "if this dish scores 100 points, everything else is a 50"; he's a fat fiend) A glass of Sauterne appeared at our table followed by a plate of foie gras with pickled cherries. I have to admit it was pretty damn good ~ if a little decadent for me.

To be continued....


Lisa said...

Oh my god! That meal looks totally out of this world. The scallop presentation was amazing. The martini, the pea soup...yikes. That was a very happy anniversary, eh?

wheresmymind said...

Neato...I'm sure you could make this at home :)

Lisa said...

I knew this fancy food reminded me of something, ha ha. If you're interested, I'm organizing an event for Julia Child's birthday (next Tuesday the 15th). I have a post up about it today...hope I can rope you in!

Anonymous said...

WOWWWWWWWWW!!! Linda, what an amazing experience. It must be a challenge to put it into words, but thank you for showing all of us. I've never seen what a meal there looks like, and ... wow! I'm in shock. :|

Anonymous said...

It's looks so gooooood. Thanks for sharing this with us.

(It's cute that you take pictures of the food in such a fancy restaurant)