Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Just got back from a mini break. The memory of the wine pairing is getting a little fuzzy, so you will have to bear with me...

Our wonderful waiter brought our next glass of wine (pinot grigio, I believe...) and made mention of Milan's tomatoes... I had no idea they were available yet this year and was almost drooling with anticipation.

A single tomato was skinned and gutted and splayed across the plate. Topping it, a tomato thing, some halibut, artichoke heart (beautiful and fresh), garlic and acck... memory fading... (may have had something to do with the copious amounts of wine we were consuming!). Every bit as wonderful as I thought it would..

(I must apologise, the light was fading and I was not using flash)
The next course was paired with chardonnay. A single piece of buttery grilled rare albacore, served over fennel infused risotto, and something on top...(darn wine). This was good, the risotto was impeccable and it was surging to the fore as my favourite dish of the evening.

Gewurtraminer was the next wine, wish I knew the winery. The flavour was so amazing and I suggested something smoky would pair really well with it. The picture doesn't do it any justice, but it was a piece of sablefish, wrapped with sablefish chorizo, served atop perfectly cooked green beans with an orange saffron butter sauce painted on the plate. Heavenly, delicate fish, a slight smoky spiciness from the chorizo...

To Be Continued.....


wheresmymind said...

I don't "Skin/GUT" enough tomatoes!! lol

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
Thank you for the "C" tour. Such interesting combinations.
Did you get to see Peter and Juanita? I was expecting to see a menu for that dinner. Maybe it is still coming, right?
I'm sorry you have to be alone for awhile, but I suppose if you'll be away some next month, it's okay, eh? If you get lonesome you can always call us.
Love you lots,