Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Next.. the dish that got me so excited I actually broke a plate!
A glass of pinot grigio arrived at the table and Rob and I guessed various incarnations of duck. We were wrong. A crispy pork terrine was delivered to our table. A perfect cube of tender, slow cooked pork shoulder with a crispy thin crust. It was palanced on a sweet pee puree with a black truffle gastrique. I think I moaned when I tasted it. I know I shed a tear when I tried the wine. I got all flustered, my camera started to slip from its hiding place and I flailed about trying to catch it, instead hitting the lip of my bread plate. Crash!! 30 seconds later, the broken glass was gone and a fresh clean plate at my elbow. God, I love good service..

Rob and I were starting to struggle; we had been eating, albeit small portions, for 3 hours by this point.
A glass of Cabernet was delivered, followed by beef two ways. A piece of rare beef, tender and just warmed through, balanced atop a cube of perfectly slow cooked shortrib. Perfectly cooked zucchin and sweet candied hazlenuts were served alongside.

Finally, a break from the endless booze; a palate cleanser. Blueberry soda (which tasted like blueberry air in the mouth) served with a tiny sassafras cream puff.

We were gasping for air at this point, but the waiter gently reminded us we had 3 more courses coming. What were we thinking..........

To be continued

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wheresmymind said...

That is beyond cute that you broke a plate :D