Thursday, November 09, 2006

You Are Invited!

Jeff, of c for cooking, invited me to take part in a virtual dinner party a few weeks back. Life being what it is, I hadn't yet gotten around to reciprocating.

Everytime I have guests over for dinner, I plan my menu, then replan, then rethink, then... well, you get the picture. I never know whether to go overboard or casual, try to blow them out of the water or make them comfortable. It was the same way for this virtual dinner. I started planning two weeks ago and have since then scrapped the entire menu. Twice.

The one item that stayed the same was the opening course. The one thing that I think complements any meal, any season.
I would start things off with some beautiful Petite Oysters on the Half Shell.

Next, I would serve ups ome salad, perhaps spinach with a poached quail egg sitting on top...

Today, I am going to go fairly simple; don't want to frighten any of my new guests off with some of my odd concoctions or multiple courses or BOTH! I decide, since we are in the wet days of November, to serve Beef Burgundy with Mashed Potatoes, baby carrots and roasted shallots.

To wrap things up, and counteract the richness of the meal, I would serve a vanilla yoghurt pannacotta with greengage plum compote.

I hope the meal is a hit!

I would like to invite (besides the recipricatory invitation to Jeff):


wheresmymind said...

Man...I would be psyched to have you cook for me anytime!

Anonymous said...

What time dinner will be served? I am hungry now

Joe said...

Thanks Linda! I'll see what we can do!

Anonymous said...

ooo it looks really tasty, i may request a second serving of oysters ;)