Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rob's Birthday

Every yaer, I cook a dinner for Rob's Birthday. He picks a few items that he really wants and I try to build a menu around that. This year, his picks were creme brulee and pork belly.
I start off by setting the table properly and writing up a menu for him.

The first course was butter poached spot prawns in a bouillabaise-style bisque. I started by poaching and peeling the prawns, building a tower with them and then I topped it all off with a crouton and some rouille. At the table, I poured the hot bisque around the prawns. The bisque was made with a homemade fish stock, tomatoes, onions, fennel and saffron. The wine pairing was a 2005 Pinot Noir from Bourgogne, courtesy of Kitsilano Wine Cellars

A tomato and brie tart was served on a fresh herb salad lightly dressed with olive oil and balsamic.

The least successful course was the pork belly. Rob still enjoyed it, but I wasn't happy ~ totally overcooked. I strayed from what I know and followed a recipe, even though it felt wrong. The flavours were great though and I have already been toying with some ideas as to how I could make it better. The wine pairing was a Nichol Vineyards Gewurtztraminer.

The final course, creme brulee, was excellent. I made one totally traditional creme brulee and then I made an Early grey custard, folded in a meringue made with the leftover egg whites and hot simple syrup and froze it in individual ramekins. At dinner, I bruleed the top of both and I had one cold and frothy creme brulee and one warm and decadent one. Rob was in heaven and ate four creme brulee in total. We enjoyed this with a 1996 Sauternes ~ heaven in a glass.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to Rob!!! Your meal looks fantastic.

Traveling Em said...

I agree with the fantastic! Happy b-day to Rob!

Ashley said...

Wow! What a lucky guy! Great looking meal!

Anonymous said...

awesome meal!

A little recommendation, I found these to be so delicious and useful in my kitchen:



Unknown said...

Looks good!

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda and Rob,
It's been awhile since we saw you. I've just been reveling and enjoying the memories of our trip. Still feeling off about not getting to see Rob. - or Aggie.
We are doing the same stuff. Still working out the tax thing and delivering Watkins and Grandpa has a plane or two in the shop.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Love and stuff,

Anonymous said...

Hi, Linda. It's now March 19th and your blog hasn't been updated in a while. Slacker.

Have fun in England!!! I'm outta' here to Chicago and won't be able to chat with you again until after you get home. Don't forget to leave me notes, okay? Can't wait to be back in Vancouver, and thanks again for letting me stay at your place. Again, HAVE FUN on your trip and on your 30th!!!


Jennifer said...

Oh wow, that all sounds and looks amazing!