Sunday, March 22, 2009


This is embarrassing! How long has it been since I posted??
Well, I have been busy ~ I took Level 2 First Aid, I .... okay, fine, I haven't been busy, I have been lazy.
A mere 8 days from now, I will be taking off for my holiday in England and 17 days from now, I will be turning 30. I will admit to some trepidation as I eye 30 ~ realizing that I am not invincible, I will not remain forever young is a little bit of a reality check. I never really thought about the future before, but it seems to be all that is on my mind these days.
I am very much looking forward to this holiday. For the first time since 2001, Rob and I will be enjoying more than a long weekend together (16 days) AND I will be returning to the UK for the first time in 4 years ( I think, it may have been 5). Rob and I are hiring a narrowboat from Black Prince for 14 days and cruising the Avon Ring. I will get to meet up with my friends Louise and Lorna and hopefully eat some good food, drink, shop for old stuff etc.
I am very grateful that several of my friends and family will be staying with Aggie the cat while we are away, making the trip even more stress free.


Deetsa said...

Hope you have a lovely time in Jolly Old E and have a great birthday. Don't eye 30 so badly. Up until the day before my 31st, I fooled myself by saying "Well, I JUST turned 30". ;-)

Unknown said...

Thanks Nerissa! I am sure I will get over it soon (I hope so)

Mindy said...

Oh, that looks heavenly.

Hey, at least you aren't nearing mid-30's like I am in a few weeks. At least I can still pass for 27 or 28, though, which makes me feel much, much better. Thirties are so much better than twenties, I promise.

Can't wait to see Aggie. Next trip I'll watch her the whole time with advance notice. ;P