Sunday, February 25, 2007

How about them Oscars??

Total geek here I managed to watch the Oscars from Red carpet to closing chords, despite poor Rob being bored out of his mind. I love the Oscars and am a big suck, crying for the winners etc. Still wished Peter O Toole could have won, but I think the best actor category was so stacked that any of those guys deserved the award.
I made dinner too, for the first time in forever. Unfortunately, I was too wrapped up in watching to take pictures, but I stole the menu from What did you eat? so go there for artful illustration.
Potatoes with Parmiggiano ~ didn't work well for me, but has potential. May have been operator error, but I like the concept, so I will play around some more and try to get it down pat.
Sicilian Chicken With Mint and Almonds ~ this was so good!! Please, try it, you will love it.
I also served steamed broccoli, but I don't think anyone needs a recipe for that.

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