Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ladies Who Lunch

Today, I had a nice leisurely lunch with a friend I haven't spent time with in a while. We each contributed a part of lunch (and a bottle of wine) and it was so tasty.

My contribution was two savoury tarts pulled out of the crazy recesses of my brain. I rolled out two sheets of puff pastry, scored them to make an edge and docked the dough before eggwashing and blind baking. THe first tart started with Meyer lemon juice and zest, light ricotta, half a beaten egg and salt and pepper. I spread a layer of this mixture on the prepaked crust, then laid down lightly blanched asparagus spears. THe other tart started with 4 kalamata olives, chopped fin and half a teaspoon of garlic paste blended with a tablespoon of beaten egg. I brushed this concoction lightly over the base of the crust. Then I latered sliced tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese. Both tarts went in the oven for another 10-15 minutes before I packed them up.
Katie made a delicious warm lentil salad with olives, pomegranate molasses, orange, arugula, cinnamon and other spices. We sipped a nice riesling with lunch.

After, in light of the bleak Vancouver day, we curled up on the couch and watched Persuasion, following our Riesling with a Gray Monk Gamay Noir.

Of course, the star of the whole afternoon was the lovable and infamous George.


wheresmymind said...

That dog is TOO cute!

Mindy said...

Okay, Linda...your lunch sounds good and all, but George is just oh-so-adorable. I hope I see him on Granville Island sometime when I get out there this summer. :)

linda said...

Jeff, he's a puppy still which means he acts all cutesy as well.

Mindy, I am positive you will get to meet George.

christine said...

Wow! Kalamata olives, arugula, lentils, cinnamon, lemons, those are just some of my most favorite things! Everything sounds lovely, and George is too cute! :)

Kenny said...

That's quite the lunch, but I have to ask, where in the lower mainland did you actually find a Meyer lemon??