Sunday, July 09, 2006

Farmer's Market Goodness

I have been toying with what Canadian Food means to me, after coming in to contact with Canada Eats. After the following meal, I felt like I had a contender. Fresh seafood, local ingredients, prepared simply. What more could you ask?

We kicked things off with a tomato, mozzarella and sweet onion salad. The onions were from a farm which has a special place in my farmer's market heart; they were very fair to me when a battle ensued over the last dozen eggs. The tomatoes and basil Rob picked up while I was standing in line for the eggs.

This was followed with wild salmon, seasoned with a little salt, seared just the way we like it, and Pemberton potatoes, first of the season tossed with a little cream and tarragon.

The meal was capped off with a trio of local berries and cream.


wheresmymind said...

Nice chiffonade skillz!

Anonymous said...

That all looks wonderful!!

By the way--did you ever get The Zuni Cafe Cookbook? I got it this weekend and it's terrific. It's the kind of cookbook that's a delight to read. And that Zuni Cafe roast chicken and bread salad! AHHHHHHH, I gotta make it.

Anonymous said...

do you have any leftovers? i take them :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, it all looks amazing! The simplest things are so often the best, especially when the ingredients are good. We hadn't thought through the eating local aspect of eating Canadian previously (we got a little caught up in sorting out what exactly qualifies as Canadian)- thanks for giving us a fresh perspective.


Unknown said...

Lea, thanks for the comment. I don't think this is my final post on Canadian food..
Dani, no leftovers ;p
Sher, I don't have Zuni yet; still coveting it...
Jeff, the skillz are Rob's in this particular photo!

jasmine said...

Hi Linda

What a great way to write about Canadian food! It all looks really good :)


Ian said...

Found your blog through the Canada Eats site. The dishes look soooo tasty! Farmer's markets rock! :-{>