Saturday, September 02, 2006

Clean Out The Fridge Day

Friday, I decided it was time to do something about the situation as seen in my before photo~

With Rob helping, I went through it shelf by shelf, throwing some things away (hummus from two months ago etc)and putting other things on the counter to be used for dinner.

And the byproduct of this mad fridge cleaning was salad and crustless quiche/frittata for dinner. I layered everything that I wanted to use up and poured an egg, eggwhite and milk royale over top. It was surprisingly delicious.

Layers were:
smoked tuna
red onion
cream cheese
green olives
aged cheddar


kickpleat said...

oooh, you are totally reminding me that i have to clean out the fridge! i too have some old hummous and some old pasta sauce and who knows what else hidden in it's depths! at least you had some beer in there to help make the job palatable.

Anonymous said...

I love making stuff with leftovers and it's even better when they taste good!!

wheresmymind said...

That is one packed kitchen!

Anonymous said...

I just cleaned out the fridge at Friday - I found some stinky cheese in the back *yikes*

Lisa said...

That crustless quiche looks great. It's coincidental you should make that; only yesterday I was looking through JC's The Way to Cook and she talked about how you could simply put the quiche filling ingredients into a pan, without crust, and it would be fine. I thought, that's what I'm going to do -- I'm always wanting to have eggs for breakfast but there's rarely time to actually cook them. If I had something quiche-y on hand, I'd be all set.

Oh, and -- I must try to find smoked tuna. That sounds so good.