Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pasta Primavera with Crunchy Veg

Rob made another dinner tonight. This time, he was trying to make me happy by preparing something "light and healthy". He made his own bechamel, with roux and two percent milk and seasoned it with lime juice and white wine.
I was presented with a creamy pasta dish loaded with vegetables ~ imagine my shock on digging in and discovering that the vegetables were not cooked at all! Initially, I was seriously grumpy about it, but I didn't want to make a huge deal; Rob went to all this effort to make dinner, why should I kick up a fuss about crunchy vegetables. You know, as I ate, I realised I actually LIKED the crunchiness of the veg; I would happily eat/prepare it that way again.


Ulla said...

that looks so great! now that the weather has changed I am craving more rich foods, but the vegetables look so great!

Unknown said...

Ulla, I know what you mean, but sometimes I need to counteract those rich foods with something light.