Sunday, September 17, 2006

The perils of onsite catering

On discovering the makeshift kitchen in the GARAGE (people, its a house party, what are you doing poking your head in the garage??)
Drunk guest #1
"So this is where the magic happens!"
Drunk Guests #43,44
"This is where we get first dibs at the food, right"
Drunk Guest #12
"You two are doing a fabulous job! Can I try that (pointing to a garnish)
Drunk Guest #80
"So this is where the magic happens"

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Lisa said...

I love it. I've done some catering (now thankfully a dim memory) and you've hit the mark here!

Just for kicks: One of my misadventures. I did a wedding reception at a park outside of town and when it came time to serve the Champagne I discovered that the glasses I'd picked up from the liquor store (they'll loan them to you when you buy stuff) had been returned to the store by another loanee unwashed. There I was, with two cartons of previously used glasses, and no time or facility at hand to wash them. Never thought to check them beforehand! I won't even talk about the fallen cake.