Friday, September 22, 2006


I worked a double on Thursday, so I was extremely tired when I crawled home at 8:30. Once again, Rob had worked his butt off in the kitchen. This time, he set out to make vegetable samosas. I love samosas and you can find some good CHEAP samosas here in Vancouver, but Rob was determined. He pulled a recipe of Food Network, gathered his supplies and went for it. I loved the filling, (actually had with my eggs for breakfast today) and Rob told me he bumped up the cumin in the recipe by a good tablespoon. The wonton wrappers, softened up really fast, so I would say these are best straight out of the deep fryer. Rob also made the tamarind and date chutney that accompanied the recipe. Well worth the effort, I think.

Lamb Tandoori, also from Wolfgang Puck, was the protein component and I think that Rob was disappointed with effort to flavour ratio. They were good, but he said it was just too much fiddling for a mediocre flavour. I loved the cilantro mint chutney that accompanied it.


Anonymous said...

yummmy! that all looks so good. i love samosas.

Lisa said...

Bravo, Rob -- and what a great photo of the chutney, makes me want to slurp some right up.