Sunday, March 02, 2008

How much is too much?


Okay, where does one draw the line on expensive skin care products? 20$? 50$? 162$?!!!!
I have thin, pale sensitive difficult facial skin. I usually don't use anything because products just do a number on my skin. Then I heard about this line, SK-II, from Japan. I ducked into Holt Renfrew today, just curious. One product in the whole line, the basic, you-must-have-this-product, is 162$ for a bottle ACCCK. The look on my face was probably a dead giveaway. The saleswoman handed me a one week free trial.
So first treatment went on today. Check back in a week and see how I feel about spending roughly 2$ per day on my face....

PS. Skin already feels tingly and smooth.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Linda!!! Haven't been around in a while, but just happened to drop in on a day when I can actually recommend skincare products to you since I have the exact same skin you do. Anyway, have you been to skoah (note it's so trendy it's all lowercase) on Hamilton Street (next to Hamilton Street Grill) in Yaletown? I bought some great skincare products there (cleanser, toner, scrub and moisturizer) and my skin looks breakouts, the redness is gone and my skin is very soft and smooth. I actually just ordered more products a few weeks ago (darn international fees on my credit card). They have trial sizes of the products, so maybe you could try them out next time you're in the area. They're not snotty in there, least the girls I always dealt with weren't. In the meantime, I'll check back to read about your Holt Renfrew facial beautification. $162??? Ay caramba.

Hi to Rob and Aggie!!! :)

Unknown said...

Mindy, Thank you for the suggestion... I will be exploring that option.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Linda and Rob,
Well I knew about some of your angst but not the skin thing. Are you getting that sorted? Any appt yet? We've been so under the weather we were afraid our germs were contagious on the phone or internet, and haven't even felt like descending the stairs. Got my leg in a brace now. The xray says there's nothing wrong. Doc says I can't fake swelling, so I go on hurting. Carol my ex sister in law and Joanne and I get together tonight for a girls' night out. Unless grandpa gets done with his Vernon engine installation in time. He's booked until noon on mon when it's etd for Yellowknife again. oh, well. I'm tossing up what is more important - to go along or pay the mortgage. There's an option?
Haven't heard from you for so long.
Dolores called a couple days ago for addresses but didn't say a word about the ailments going on. Ignoring them? or cured? I'm afraid to ask.
Take care you two and keep enjoying life together. I'm so proud of you both.