Saturday, March 01, 2008

Cooked My Goose


When I screw up, I REALLY screw up. THankfully, all I could do was laugh at this one. Alot.

Rob calls me "I'm bringing home free goose, legs and breast. Think of how you are going to cook it up for dinner".

I thought about it for a while and decided I would take the duck approach; they are both waterfowl, right?
I got a beautiful wine to pair with it "Jimmy My Pal". Despite the odd name, the wine was perfect, thanks to the reccomendations of the lovely people at Village Wines.
The goose arrived and it really did look like duck, so I soldiered ahead, searing the bits, then popping in the oven. My first mistake, I let the breast go slightly over... it was leaning more to medium than medium rare. My second mistake; thinking I knew what I was doing when it came to cooking the legs! I gave them more time than the breast, obviously, I made a delicious glaze/sauce with pomegranate molasses, red wine and honey, sauteed up some garlicky eggplant and served it all alongside a multigrain rice dish. The breast was tasy if a little tough. I tried to cut the leg... no dice. I picked it up and tried to bite it.... Then collapsed in laughter as my teeth refused to tear through the rubbery flesh. Rob gave it a shot as well. OMG, worst dish ever. I laughed some more, removed the legs from our plates and continued to enjoy the rest of the (delicious) meal.

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