Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sweet Potato Gnocchi


The highlight of this dish is the sweet potato gnocchi I made. It was inspired by a CL recipe, but I didn't have pre packaged gnocchi on hand, or many of the other ingredients, so a new dish evolved; Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Italian Sausage, Mushrooms and Asparagus.
I will share the recipe for the gnocchi; everything else is freeform...

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

1 large sweet potato
flour as needed
1 egg

Roast sweet potato until soft. Peel and process with a ricer or foodmill. Add one egg, salt as desired and a cup of flour. Start mixing by hand. If mixture seems to wet, add more flour; you want a soft pliable dough. Be careful not to overwork or you will get tough little gnocchi. Divide dough and roll into logs roughly 3/4 of an inch in diameter. Cut and shape into little gnocchi ( I wish I had a better picture of the shape; basically, I press and roll, creating a little cupped shape.) Cook in boiling salted water until they rise to the top, then set them aside for your desired use.

In my case, I sauteed Italian sausage, then gnocchi, mushrooms, onions, and asparagus. Seasoned with a squeeze of lemon, ad sprinkling of fresh parsley and a dusting of freshly grated parmesan.


Michelle said...

Oohhh! Sweet potato gnocci! I'm so impressed - this sounds positively delectable and comforting. Wish I could sit down with you and talk over a bowl - it seems like that kind of a meal. I love homemade gnocci but it's been a while since I've made any. I'll have to remember that - hey! They have purple Japanese sweet potatoes in Hawaii...maybe I'll try your recipe with those!

Unknown said...

michelle, it is totally that kind of meal... purple gnocchi. Can't wait to see that ;D