Tuesday, June 07, 2005


The day we were all waiting for. We got to finish and eat our braised and stewed dishes. There were some surprises and some disappointments. The first dish on my mind: Braised Lamb Shanks with Parsnip and Potato Mash and Minted Roasted Beets.

Lamb Shank
Its a little hard to see the colour here, but the beets were amazing, the mash was to die for and the lamb demi was stunning. The shank, for some reason, was chewy? I have made lamb shanks a LOT (as some of you can attest to) and I have never had them come out chewy. Anyway, the plating on this dish was mine.
Next up, Richard's plate, Beef Burgundy with Pappardelle and glazed vegetables. The pappardelle was a lemon and black pepper dough. The disappointment in this dish were the noodles. They tasted amazing, but they fell apart somwhere between cutting and plating. I think we rolled them too thin. Plating is mostly Richard's ~ I fiddled with it after he was done, because he said he hated the way it looked, then he got all offended that I changed it. In the end, the thing I changed, Chef Tim said he liked, so no tears came of that.

Beouf Borguignon with Pappardelle
Finally, the Chicken Blanquette. What a bizarre dish. Poached chicken served with a sauce thickened with both roux and a liaison (egg yolks and cream). I'll be honest, I hated it. Plating is Dana.

Chicken Blanquette
Mary made a baguette and did most of the prepwork for the soup as well as mashing the potatoes and doing a lot of tidying ~ Sorry, Mary.
Here is the spread:

The spread 

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