Monday, June 27, 2005


I decided to fill the school break with some non-scholastic posting and Utensibility seemed like the perfect choice for today. I may not be able to "wax poetic" about my choices, but I am still more than happy to share my favourites. What a hard choice though... I looked at my beautiful Empire Red KA Mixer ~ yes I love it, but I don't use it EVERY day. Same with the 14 cup Cuisinart Food Processor. Then there is the digital scale that I use so much I even take it to school for my practical exams, or the thermometer or... well I could go on. I finally settled on a big ticket and a little ticket item, so here goes.

Hey Big Spender!
Absolutely out of the 300$ range, two of the items in it cost 300$ combined. I use it every day, I take it to school and back with me. Its hardly beautiful, but its wildly functional. Drum Roll Please.........
That's right, it is my knife kit. Two of the knives in it were separate (splurge) purchases (top two), but everything else was included: carving knife, chef's knife, paring knife, melon baller etc. I would be unable to function in the kitchen if I lost this. I guard it a little obsessively, but I am sure you can understand why. The backstory of this knife kit ~ it was included in my tuition package for Dubrulle. My tuition was $12,000. If this school thing (god forbid) is a flop for me, I think I will qualify for the world's most expensive knife kit.

Cheap is good!

And for my budget item ~ the spice grinder. I know, technically it is a coffee grinder, but this thing has never seen a coffee bean. It is reserved for grinding up my whole spices, chiles, etc. I don't know where I would be without it. Buying crappy preground spices, perhaps?


Anonymous said...

I guard my knife pretty closely, too, and I don't even have an awesome kit like yours! We have a coffee grinder that I need to clean up and use for spices, now that we don't have a coffee pot...thanks for the reminder!

Sam said...

Thank you for your entry, Linda. I have a feeling there are going to be quite a few knives featured in this event. It's funny, I myself have never been a knife-aholic. Sometimes Fred used to catch me trying to cut vegetables with the most unsuitable of kinves and he would tut-tut-tut before handing me a more suitable one (all the knives are his). Since then, and because he is probably grateful for all the cooking I do, Fred has bought two ceramic knives. He is obssessed with them and I reap the benefits. Lucky me - although to have a collection like yours would be even more fantastic.

I imagine the roundup will be done sometime next week as long as I am not overwhelmed with entries.


Anonymous said...

Yea right Linda, you're so not going to flop in cooking school; I won't let you!!


Unknown said...

Julien, your too sweet :D