Monday, June 06, 2005

Prep Day

I came to school all excited today ~ my recipes said Braised Lamb Shanks, among other things and I couldn't wait to try them. The first disappointment occurred as I walked in to class. There was Chef Tim... Soren was out sick. Chef Tim decided that we needed to devote the entire morning to prepwork, not cooking, so my dreams of a nice monday lunch were dashed. I got to pick my group, due to a mixup in counting, so I went and worked with Richard, Mary and Dana. It was a fun group, everything went smoothly, but our lunch disappointment was heavy. Afternoon was devoted to listening to Tim drone on about things that I already have COPIOUS notes on. Fortunately, I had to work, so I made a dash for the door at three o'clock. I could feel the jealous eyes of my classmates as I slipped out the door.

Monday Afternoons

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