Thursday, September 15, 2005

International Final

I forgot to take my camera to the International Cuisine Final, which is kind of sad, because it was one of my prettiest dishes. Anyway, International worked like this. We had a one hour written test, followed by a two hour practical exam. For the practical, we were given a recipe when we started the exam. it simply listed ingredients and basic instructions, with no information about amounts or cooking times. We had to prepare one serving of the recipe and serve it with two veg and a starch. Mystery Recipe? "Chicken" with a Fines Herbes Cream Sauce. The "Chicken" was actually a cornish game hen that we had to bone out and poach the breasts, leaving them "frenched". Then a cream sauce was made with the poaching liquid, fresh herbs stirred in and the whole thing would be served. I made a risotto to go with mine, green beans and glazed beats. Everything turned out really well and I didn't recieve any official grades, but Chef Soren told me my butchery was "excellent".

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