Thursday, September 01, 2005

International~ Central America

Yay! I got to work with whomever I wanted today ~ so the 3 of us were back together; Rachel, Joyce and I. Our region was Central America, so Mexico etc. We started things off with a lovely fresh ceviche of scallops and prawns.

This was followed by the main ~ Lamb with a pumpkin seed, cilantro, chili, lime etc sauce, corn tamales and hearts of palm. The tamales were so very good, I want to make them again. And I was really proud of my sauce as well. The lamb dish was called Lamb Pepian

We finished with a dessert, a lucious rich baked rice pudding, called Arroz Con Leche

I left early for the sake of my sanity and the health of my classmates (see yesterday). It was a really nice feeling....

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