Thursday, September 08, 2005

International ~ South America

Today in international, we had an odd day. Our region was South America, but Chef Soren was once again unable to teach our class, so no lecture and a demo from a dubious Chef Chris opened our day and then we went at it. We served everything at the same time (I hate that), so in no particular order:
Seafood Empanadas. I was dubious about these, but they came out very well.Good flavour, nice crispy exterior, creamy filling. These were served with a jicama slaw.

Sweet Potato and Yam chips with Chimichurri. The chimichurri was an odd pairing here ~ didn't really have the right texture for the chips. However, it was wonderful and garlicky and was delicious on the empanandas and the beef.

Finally, Weird beef. We flattened out a flat iron steak, seasoned heavily with chili and cumin, then rolled carrot sticks, green pepper sticks and WHOLE HARDBOILED EGGS into th emiddle of them, tied them off and braised them. These were served with delish black bean and polenta cakes.

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