Tuesday, September 13, 2005

NARC Final Exam

As I write this, I have already received my grade for this final, but I will tell you about it anyway... It was a black box team effort and we were required to produce a soup, a salad and a main with 1 protein, 1 starch and 2 veg on the main plate. The protiens offered to us were a whole chicken, a flank steak or a trout. We could choose to use one, two or all of the protein. We found out the ingredients at the beginning of the exam. This is what rachel and I produce.
1. Salad with Crispy element ~ Apple and Leek Salad with crispy carrot garnish and a thyme and red wine vinaigrette

2. Soup with Garnish ~ Aromatic Chicken Broth with Dumplings. Garnished with red pepper brunoise and Crisped parsley

3. Main Course ~ Stuffed Frenched Chicken Breast with Rosemary White wine pan sauce. Served with a wild rice, pear and red pepper pilaf, braised kale and glazed carrots.

I also had a written exam which was insanely easy.
Final score? 99/100


Little Mama said...

All your dishes look great. So are you all done now? Let us know how it all went for you.

kitchenmage said...

99? You rock! bows deeply What's next for you?

Cat said...

now thats a pretty amazing score and why not? the food looks incredible. well deserved i say! congrats! :)

Jennifer said...

Yum! Congratulations--99/100 is awesome!

Erika W. said...

Oh great job Linda! Your dishes look great- and 99 out of 100! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing me to this posting. As far as I know, we will get a box which will include a whole chicken and a whole fish and all the ingredients for the side dishes. And we need to make Sauces with the dishes, like Bernaise or Beurre Blanc.

And we will have 2.5 hours to get everything done. Hopefully I won't cut or burn myself this time ;)