Wednesday, August 31, 2005

NARC Day Two ~ California

Richard was off today and one of my team members was out, so Dana joined our group. The actual cooking part was a blast.
We started with a salad of baby greens with warm goat cheese and a walnut vinaigrette. Decadent and very tasty.

Second course was gnocchi with asparagus and mushrooms. Martina had some issues with the first batch of gnocchi, so we had to try again. We just squeaked in under the wire, but it came out really well.

Finally, dessert. This was the most complicated part of the whole meal. We made a coconut rum mousse, chocolate almond stripey tuile, apricot brandy infused bean thread noodles and a blackberry cassis as well as some choclate art that I can't remember the name of. End result:
Isn't it beautiful!!?
After, I started washing dishes while others ate. I washed about a third of them until Martina joined me. Then WE washed a third of them on our own. This is not an easy task ~ it took well over an hour and this was us going all out, top speed. I spotted someone standing around doing nothing a completely lost it. I gave him grief, I gave a few others grief as well. By the time I was finished, I was hot, sweaty and nauseous with anger. Losing my grip on sanity here, I think I need to leave early tomorrow.

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