Tuesday, August 16, 2005

NARC Day One ~ Central Plains

Moving on to prairie country, todays menu features meat on meat with some mushrooms thrown in there.
The first course was delicious. A wild mushroom and goat cheese tart, I could see myself making this as an appetizer in little mini tart shells.

The second course was... entertaining. It actually ended up tasting ok and would have been better if our resident beef stuffer hadn't bowed to peer pressure and gone overboard on the dill pickle. We pounded out pieces of top round, stuffed them with ground bison and dill pickle spears, rolled them up and braised them in the mushroom broth leftover from marinating the mushrooms. We then made a sauce from the braising liquid and served it alongside with glazed veggies and roasted nugget potatoes.

Recipes will follow ~ I am still playing catchup and have recipes to type, corn projects to finish and timelines to plan.... (added Aug 22)


Jennifer said...

Now there's the beef!

You must share the recipe.

Joe said...

How did you like the Bison? I'm nervous to try that as I'm afraid it will be to "gamey" for me. We have tried ostrich before and it was pretty good!