Wednesday, August 03, 2005

NARC ~ TexMex Part II

DO you know how frustrating it is to cook without the right ingredients? Day two of TexMex and there were 4 jalapenos to be had in the whole classroom. No Ruby Red grapefruit, No poblanos, no sweet green chilis....grrrr.
Anyway, todays menu: First course, Chile Rellenos. Yes, we had no chilis, so we roasted green peppers, shaved the flesh down a bit, seasoned the batter with Tabasco, stuffed with cheddar and deep fried. They weren't bad, but would have been a lot better with the real thing.

Second Course, Applewood Steamed shrimp with "Ruby Red" Grapefruit Beurre Rose. Or so it was supposed to be. Except we had white grapefruit to work with. Also, the rice was supposed to have green chile in it. We diced up some of that roasted green pepper.The shrimp was great as was the sauce. I only imagine it would have been better if we had the right fruit.

Third Course, A Navajo Green Chile stew with frybread. I have no if this is truly authentic. The fact that the peppers were replaced with roasted green peppers probably means that it wasn't. It was quiet simply a pinto bean and beef stew with lots of green pepper. The frybread was better looking than you might think, I just had to put the bad one on my plate as I was in charge of cooking it and managed to burn one.

Picnic with friends for the fireworks tonight.

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