Saturday, December 03, 2005

Weekend Cat Blogging

Look, Aggie is actually playing! I so rarely get the action shots from her ~ really, she plays once a week maybe. This is her favourite toy, a little fat man on a string stuffed with homegrown catnip.

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ZaZa said...

I wish I could get LuLu to play with regular toys. I got her a chicken filled with catnip, and she was terrified of it. The dirty, broken shoe lace from my old gardening sneaks, on the other hand, she adores. ;+)

Does she drool when she plays with the catnip?

it's only fuel said...

That's a big kitty! Super cute, way to catch the ever-ellusive action shot!

Cat said...

aww she plays! homegrown catnip, that must prove interesting with the local felines :)