Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Rob made Christmas dinner, so I got to do New Years Eve. There is nothing I like more than planning and preparing an "occasion" dinner. My menu changed a few times, but the fundamentals stayed the same.
I decided to submit my menu to the New Years Roundup on CookingDiva
We started with a favourite, oysters on the half shell with just a squeeze of lime for me and unlimed oysters for Rob. Usually we just stand by the sink and eat them as Rob shucks, but I wanted this to be a nice dinner, so I crushed up some ice cubes and filled two bowls. We had this with the Stellar's Jay "champagne".

The next course was spinach salad with a warm shallot & balsamic vinaigrette. This absolutely rocked! The vinaigrette was super easy and totally made the dish.

The main was Crisp Braised Duck with a Sherried Jus, Leek & Yukon Gold Rosti and Carrots with Fennel & Italian Parsley.

The final course ~ dessert. I had been searching for the perfect dessert all day, trolling through pages and pages of recipes and nothing seemed to be right. I stumbled across a restaurant review where mention was made of a lemon yoghurt semifredo, and a lightbulb apeared over my head (well, no, but it would have if I was a cartoon character). I have no idea what real semifredo is supposed to be like ~ I just created this recipe. And it was damn good! Recipe here.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve. Here's to 2006!


Jennifer said...

Happy New Years Linda!
Your dinner sounds wonderful--and much more involved than anything I can do! Glad you enjoyed it!

Joe said...

Happy New Year Linda!

Cat said...

what an incredible meal! that crispy braised duck looks fab, anything with the word 'crispy' in it is a friend of mine :)

Little Mama said...

Happy New Year. Looks like a great feast. Thank you for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you for the delicious 'picnic' you served us when we were in Vancouver. You really know how to put on a spread. I'm sorry I didn't see the photo in here yet. I'll keep watching.
Love you lots,
Grandma & Grandpa Bauer

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
Just read about a bridal shower for Colleen Brundula. Wasn't she at OKAA when you were? I don't have any other info at this time.
Are you not using this spot anymore?
If you get a chance give us a call.
love you