Saturday, January 14, 2006

Meme Mania

Seven Culinary Things To Do Before I Die:

1. Eat in Italy
2. Eat in New York
3. Take the WSET course
4. Open my own business
5. Taste truffles (the real ones)
6. Take a culinary tour of France
7. Grow all my own food

Seven Things I Can't Do In The Kitchen:

1. Follow a recipe (its this compulsion I have)
2. Cook naked
3. Sear without fiddling (I have to leave the kitchen to stop my urge to check the searee every 30 seconds)
4. Not make a mess (the chocolate splashes on the ceiling are a testament to this)
5. Stand on one foot while chopping
6. stop tasting
7. I don’t feel that I am a perfect cook, I just feel that I can make anything if I really put my mind and my training to it.

Seven Things That Attract Me to Food Blogging:

1. Discovering Recipes
2. Sharing my experiences
3. Seeing that I am not alone in my obsession
4. Inspiration
5. The international aspect
6. Eating
7. Cooking

Seven Things I Say Most Often While Cooking:

1. "Ow."
2. "oh c@@p"
3. "I hope its cooked"
4. "Dammit"
5. "Hmmm"
6. "Where’s the ----------?."
7. "How long has this been In here?"

Seven Cookbooks I Love:

1. The internet
2. Fresh
3. Martha Stewart’s Hors D’ouevres Handbook
4. Hot sour Salty Sweet (do not own this)
5. Best of the Best
6. JOC
7. Food Blogs

Seven Cooking Shows I Can Watch Over and Over Again:

1. Good Eats
2. A Cook’s Tour
3. Mario Batali
4. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

Seven Foodbloggers I Want To Join In Too:

1. Food & Thoughts
2. Culinary Adventures
3. Deetsa’s Dining Room
4. Pumpkin Pie Bungalow
5. Food Ninja
6. Kitchen Chick
7. Christina's Kitchen


willson said...

Cooking naked is just plain dangerous; especially for us guys.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at Hot Sour Salty Sweet on my shelf--and thinking that I should send it to a home where it is loved and appreciated. If you'll e-mail me your address, I'll send it to you--if I ever get to the post office!

Randi said...

ok, so i finally realized you tagged me. I'm curious, are you working as a chef now?

Cerebrum said...

Uh-oh! This is a hard one! I'll try Linda!:-)