Friday, April 21, 2006

Repeat Dinner

I don't often do repeats, but I was so taken with the chicken I served the priests I decided to try it again. I used bone in skin on chicken thighs. OMG, so good, this will go onto the short list for sure.

We served it with a morel mushroom risotto (yes, I am obsessed with morels right now ~ They are FRESH!!) and a caprese salad. The salad was simple; sliced strawberry tomatoes, sliced baby bocconcini, shredded basil, balsamic, olive oil and fleur de sel. A little tip I learned today for slicing bocconcini (you can also just tear it); use an egg slicer! Works like a charm and I wish I had thought of it.

Worked again today~ starting to feel the muscles in my chopping arm and my knife callous is getting bigger. I am filing all these beautiful appetizers away in my head; they may turn up on this blog in a home friendly form.

After work, Rob and I nipped over to Trimpac meats to pick up my hog casings and special salt; sausage making! Coming soon to a blog near you.

On a sad (and expensive note) a sticky substance apparently invaded my camera and it is going to cost me 110$ and another week to repair my camera. Just repeat after me; my camera is worth two days wages ~ maybe it will make me feel better about paying for it!


Deetsa said...

His Froginess thinks you are very lucky to get fresh morel mushrooms. We're pretty much stuck with the regular whites up here.

I wonder what the sticky substance was in your camera? The oozing, syrupy pixels of yummy food pictures into the working parts?

Unknown said...

Nerissa, that actually made me laugh about the broken camera! Thank you ;D

I would think that there would be a fantastic selection of wild mushrooms where you are! Is it not warm enough yet or is there just non one who knows which ones are okay to pick?

Deetsa said...

Not a soul knows. Plus, the only ones I've seen just don't bode well as edible. I know a place further up north that has a yearly trade in pine mushrooms but I don't know about here.

I'm glad I made you laugh about the camera. I feel your pain of not having one. Once mine decided to go for a swim when I was sitting beside a stream. It was a write-off