Thursday, May 25, 2006

Copper River Salmon

I worked a long, hot shift today and the last thing I wanted to do was make dinner ~ but I had promised Rob fish so off I went to the market. I stood in front of the case at Longliner staring at the fish, feeling sweaty and nasty and so uninspired. Beside me, I heard someone ask for fresh salmon; the counterperson confirmed they had some, but it was 20$/lb, Copper River. My interest was piqued! I have had the Copper River Salmon before and I always thought it was worth the extra expense, so I asked for a good sized chunk. My enthusiasm came flooding back ~ oh what a difference a piece of fish makes! I stopped at SPUD and picked up some tiny red potatoes, an avacado and some tomatoes and headed for home. The potatoes were blanched and then roasted with olive oil and salt and I harvested some of my lettuces for a salad with the tomatoes and avacado. Finally, the fish. I heated a cast iron pan to smoking hot, seasoned the salmon with salt and placed it skin side down in the pan for three minutes, flipped, cooked for a remaining minute and served it immediately with a wedge of lemon.....

In honour of where's my mind, I chose not to have fiddleheads ;p


wheresmymind said... so didn't need to forego your fiddle heads just for little ol me. My wife is from Seattle and has become a salmon snob....not even trying Atlantic salmon when it's offered to her!

Anonymous said...

YUM!!!!!!! Copper River salmon is to die for! I had some 2 weeks ago and I was so excited, I didn't even take a picture of it. I ate it, making all kinds of moaning noices. Ah your nice.

Deetsa said...

Perhaps I'll have to try this Copper River salmon but I swear the best salmon I ever had would be hard to beat: Jarred Chum backs and cheeks. They literally melted in your mouth. Around here, though, we will hopefully be wading through the salmon soon. A few of my friends have already caught their first 18lb springs.