Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Missed Posts

Being so busy means that I miss out on a lot of posting possibilities. Here is an overview of recipes made and pictures taken that never made it here.

Rob takes my favourite lamb stew recipe and Morrocanizes it with cinnamon and other good spices. I make a saffron couscous and you get one of the best meals this past week.

Mario's Gelati sells containers of their famous flavours in our grocery stores. This one is a blackberry sorbetto. I sliced fresh strawberries and drizzled the whole mess with balsamic......mmmmmm

Finally got around to making the layered caramel brownies, recipe courtesy my CBBP partner. Rob killed theses off in a few short days!


wheresmymind said...

I don't think they'd last very long 'round me either, they look super good! I was lookin' for a good brownie recipe this weekend, but ended up making cookies *shrug*

Deetsa said...

Aggh! Torturing me with your Gelati and strawberries. *pout* I want some Mario's!

Cat said...

i still marvel at people's self control, when i plan brownies i plan to sit and devour the whole pan in 1 sitting together with the male counterpart. Of course i feel sick from sugar and its all i can eat for the whole day but thats beside the point lol yumyumyum!!!