Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging

Aggie has been reclusive lately, but I managed to snap a shot of her in one of her favourite nighttime spots; lying on Rob's slippers.

This weeks WCB is hosted by Jelly and Kamikaze. NExt week, I will be hosting so don't for get to get your links to me. Hopefully I can convince Aggie to pose next week.


Jelly said...

Awww! What a sleepy looking kitty! Thanks for your WCB link, Linda - I'm looking forward to your hosting next weekend - and thanks for that too! I hope Aggie gets some pep in her step by then!

Anonymous said...

Aggie looks so cute and comfortable. That is a very nice picture. I am looking forward to your hosting next weekend's WCB # 73. Thank you for doing do. It might be special since it is Halloween weekend.
Bonnie & Miss Ellie