Friday, April 27, 2007

Linda likes to

I discovered this fun little meme through a friend's Facebook posting "the exercise is type "[your name] likes to" in quotations in Google and put in the first 10 things that come up."
LInda likes to open the floor to specific questions from the audience.
Linda likes to play electric and acoustic bass as well as other instruments.
Linda likes to play with her friend Virginia who is in her Brownie troop.
Linda “likes to make love quietly and slowly. ...
Linda likes to travel and has built an album of beautiful world sceneries over the years.
Linda likes to play tennis, talk, and use the computer.
Linda likes to unwind through her hobby of decorative painting. ...
Linda likes to paint, take photographs, and practice her violin.
Linda likes to paint native animals and plants, and prefers to paint in the natural colours of the particular animal or plant she is painting. ...
Linda likes to garden.
Funny thing is, several of this are a good description of me..... But now I must run. 90210 is coming on soon and a I plan to have a cocktail while I watch (I am taking some me time, ok!).

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Brilynn said...

The problem with having a name like mine is that google found NO search results for me.