Monday, April 02, 2007


I read a rather frightening April Fools Day post on one of my favourite blogs and it got me to thinking. I clicked through to some of the links and read the harsh comments being made, itching to comment, but biting my internet tongue.
I review the occasional restaurant here, for my audience of 5 ( i think... if they haven't given up on me while I was AWOL ). Am I out of line? Is it my place to have an opinion on any given dining establishment?
I eat. I work in the food industry. I love food. I don't try to hide who I am here, but I would never dream of walking into a restaurant and announcing that I am a blogger. I don't make irrational accusations or unfounded criticisms.
More importantly, I am a human being with a right to freedom of expression.

Stepping off my soapbox...


Cerulean Bill said...

No, you're not out of line. You certainly can voice your opinion about restaurants. I get the impression that some food bloggers are supremely narcissistic and arrogant (judgemental? Me?), and that style is uncalled for. But you're in no danger of crossing that line, because your attitude is reasonable.

Unknown said...

Bill, i wish I knew what your blog was. Thank you for dropping in and leaving comments!