Tuesday, April 10, 2007



Sometimes I am so happy with the crazy things I think up. Last night was no exception. I had a vague image in my mind of halibut, poached, a mushroomy broth, rice noodles, chinese broccoli. And I made it happen. I made a broth from chicken stock, water, sake, rice vinegar, tamari, flowering chives and dried mushrooms. To this I added the most beautiful fresh shiitake mushrooms, then poached my halibut gently. I purchased fresh rice noodles from South China Seas, sauteed them in garlic, ladle a small amount of broth over them and popped them in the oven to continue heating through. I sauteed Chinese broccoli with fresh ginger and more sake. Everything came together in a bowl with a garnish of fresh cilantro. Quite possibly the best fish dish I have ever made. And thanks to another educated recommendation from Liberty Wines, the Mas Rabell white wine I sipped was a perfect match.

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